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Hillsborough Aces - Est. 2011

The Hillsborough Aces are a travel baseball team for Spring 2015 11U players from Hillsborough, New Jersey.  We participate in league play as well as tournaments throughout Central New Jersey.

Mission Statement
It is the goal of the Hillsborough Aces travel baseball team to create an environment that will allow our players to realize their potential as baseball players; to develop teamwork, fundamentals, confidence, self-esteem, sportsmanship, and poise as athletes; and to play better, more competitive baseball, all while not burning young players out.

Our Fundamental Beliefs
  • A balanced combination of practice and games will develop our baseball players, not just games only.
  • Instruction taking place during practices rather than during games will give our players a more comfortable environment to learn, correct mistakes/bad habits, and get the proper repetitions to increase likelihood of success.
  • Games are for fun and competition - "Pressure is something you feel when you don't know what you're doing" - Peyton Manning.  Our young players won't feel pressure because they'll be confident in their preparation. Teaching and instruction will take place during practice-during games, our players will just play and have fun.
  • Our players concentrate on developing their abilities at primary and secondary positions.  These positions will be determined by what is best for both the team and the individual player, long-term.  This will allow our players to develop a specialty/expertise and make our team most competitive.
  • Consistent playing time during games will keep all of our players engaged, develop unity, and promote a "team" atmosphere.  This is not to say we won't also have an emphasis on winning.  We just believe in maximizing opportunities for everyone to contribute and earn positions, playing time, etc. - this will lead to the most long term success for our team and fun for our players.

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